2020 Vision

Nineteen wood engravers, one collector and the artists who inspired them.

Compiled and with an introduction by Nigel Hamway.

Twenty years ago Nigel Hamway wandered into the SWE annual exhibition in Oxford. Hilary Paynter and Pete Lawrence were invigilating. By the end of the day he was not only treasurer of the Society, but he had established friendships which are growing to this day. For 2020 Vision Nigel has asked nineteen of his favourite engravers to choose a major artistic influence, write an introduction about why they feel this way, and, wherever possible, to work on a new engraving which sits side-by-side in the book with an engraving or illustration by their ‘inspirer’. The result, printed by Nomad Letterpress at the Whittington Press, places the engravings of twentieth century greats Farleigh, Nash, Poole, Wales, Hermes et al alongside today’s artists and presents the viewer with a snapshot of the changing nature of the engravers craft. Patrick Randle has written a preface about the challenges of working with the engravings and the different approaches to wood, make-ready and inking required for each block.

Published to coincide with the Centenary exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers at the Ashmolean Museum in March 2020, this is a unique collection, linking past with present, and a fitting tribute to the skills of the engravers and the part played by the society in the history of wood engraving.



by Hannah Cousins


Written and illustrated by Hannah Cousins, Coastline chronicles a two-week trip down California's iconic Pacific Coast Highway taken in Autumn 2016.

Published March 2019.



objects shop


“So; for my purposes a ‘workshop’ is a place in which small-scale, sometimes specialist, manufacture or service to manufacture is carried out; often with a shop-like availability of product or service by direct personal transaction.”

Norman Potter, Models & Constructs, Hyphen Press, 1990.