Letterpress long course; printing a book

You begin by planning the structure of your book, which will be 8-pages in format. Instruction will be given in how to compose lines of type using a setting stick, how to impose those lines into a chase and how to successfully lock that chase up so that it can be transported to the press.

You will be guided through the various stages of the printing process and learn to apply ink and pressure in harmony so as to create the perfect printed impression. There will be opportunity to bind your book, applying a simple stitch thread to your works.

During the course you will be encouraged to react and think imaginatively when confronted with the constraints of the letterpress process, and to allow the look of the book to evolve rather than adhere to a preconceived picture. This will help open up your creativity and possibilities for experimentation. Ideas on the content of the books will be discussed as a group on the first evening session, and will develop during your time spent with the type cases and presses.

By the end of the course you will have completed 10 copies of your book to take away. You will have gained knowledge and skills in working with type, ink, presses and paper as well as simple binding. You will also have gained confidence in working with letterpress imaginatively.

Workshops run for 2 days from 9.30am – 4.30pm each day and courses cost £225.